introducing Mushroom Shots

Magic Mogu has just released Mushroom Shots — the most exciting new coffee add-on product of the year! Mushroom Shots are a no-brainer way to turn coffee into a powerful daily health supplement without changing the taste!


It’s like an espresso shot for your health! 


As you know, there is a lot of buzz right now around mushroom-based nutrition coffee add-ons. And, many new products are already being promoted by a variety of companies selling direct to consumers. According to the New York Times, mushrooms are the 2022 ingredient of the year due to their remarkable health benefits as confirmed by a multitude of recent studies. But up until now, no one has developed a healthy mushroom add-on product specifically designed for coffee shops to benefit from this rapidly growing trend. For this reason, we have created three compelling Mushroom Shot add-on mixes so you can take advantage of the coming wave – Mental Clarity Now, Ultra Immunity, and Stress Delete.

Our research shows an enormous potential in providing a high-quality mushroom add-on to the many coffee shops in your area. Each container of Mushroom Shots holds 400 servings or “shots.” With an SRP of $1.50 per shot, that’s a total retail value of $600 per container. The wholesale price per container is 

$300. So, with our distributor discount of up to 66.66% off SRP ($200/unit), wholesale distributors make $100 for each unit sold to retailers.


Magic Mogu’s Mushroom Shots are made from 100% pure mushroom powder, produced from the highest quality, organic functional mushrooms in the world. And, we don’t cut corners with substandard mycelium (mushroom roots) grown on cheap rice substrate. We utilize the much more potent fruiting body of the mushroom grown on the same natural organic materials found in their native environment. Some of these mushrooms can take up to two years to grow to full therapeutic maturity, making them far more expensive, which is why other companies choose not to use them in their products.  Many third party tests have confirmed that our product has more than three times the potency of competing products. It is the best you can buy… period.


We believe the day is soon coming when people will think of Mushroom Shots in their daily coffee as the most natural and easy way to promote optimal health. And we want you to benefit from this coming wave.


To order a FREE sample of Magic Mogu’s Mushroom Shots, just fill out the form below and we will rush a FREE sample pack to you along with our counter-top promotional flyer for your review. I will contact you by phone within the next few days to answer any questions you may have.


We look forward to hearing from you!


Joe Flores


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