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Chocolate Mint Chai Mogu Bars


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6 Bar - Starter Pack
12 Bar -Performance Pack
30 Bar - Month Supply

Is it possible to make an exclusively-good-for-you older sister to the Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookie?  This is the question we decided to design an answer for with the final version of the Mogu Bar flavor that started it all.

Whether your focused on high performance with already dialed in nutrition, or need to be able to keep up with a small army of kids, the organic, raw ingredients and adaptogenic mushrooms are the perfect way to fill the gap that stimulants like caffeine and sugar were never quite meant to.

The Mogu Bar is designed with the highest standards in mind, so that we could break well beyond that ceiling.  Every ingredient was chosen to sustainably optimize your energy, digestion, endurance, focus, clarity, and nervous system.

This is a quantum leap forward in the evolution of nutrition bars, you'll see why when you read the ingredients, taste the gourmet result, and experience the cumulative systemic benefits they provide.

We're finally letting food be our medicine, and medicine be our food.

High Potency Fruiting Body Organic Functional Mushrooms (30%+ Beta-Glucan Count) For:
- Cognitive Clarity and Performance
- Brain and Nerve Health
- Immune system health
- Clean Energy
- Mood
- Gut Health, Micro-Biome Composition, Digestion.

Also Count On:
- Raw, Organic Nuts, Seeds, Roots, and Herbs
- Anti-inflammatory Superfoods 
- Chemical-Free Ingredients
- No gums or Artificial Preservatives
- High quality, Healthy Fats
- Gluten-free, Grain-free, Soy free
- Tastes like a girl scout cookie brownie

*Best Kept Cold 

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Chocolate Mint Chai Mogu Bars

Chocolate Mint Chai Mogu Bars

6 Bar - Starter Pack
12 Bar -Performance Pack
30 Bar - Month Supply