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The Essential 8 | What You Need To Know About Our Mushrooms

Mushrooms have the potential to change the world, starting with the ecosystem of your body.

Fungi are masters of transformation and symbiotic connection.  If there's anything we need right now as a global community, it's these two things.  By ecologically decomposing what no longer serves the environment and reintegrating it into the system to recover it as a resource, we simultaneously remove obsolescence from the equation of the community of life, while setting the stage for truly beneficial symbiosis between systems and individuals.

To our continual delight, properly grown and intelligently crafted functional mushroom-infused foods create a tangible experience of balance and empowerment.  These smart foods are viable alternatives and for many of us vast improvements upon what we traditionally have used to provide ourselves with improved energy, focus, mood, and longevity.

Here we highlight the eight mushrooms we use in all of our products, and why we have selected them for you.  Listed are the primary reported benefits, and you can (coming soon) click each name to dive deeper into the history, mycology, and research profile around each of these fungal allies. 

P.S. Take a look at our active compound count - nearly double what you can find anywhere else in the industry.  This is why we only use log grown, fruiting body!


Energy levels, Endurance, Inflammation, Sexual function, Heart, Lung & Kidney HealthImmune system, Aging, Blood Flow, Stress Adaptogen

Lion's Mane

Cognitive function, Nerve growth/repair, Mood, Stress Management, Depression/Anxiety, Gut Health


Ultra-rich in antioxidants, Digestion, Gut Health, Inflammation, Stress and Immunity Adaptogen 

Reishi - The Mushroom Of Immortality!

Immune Support, Restful Sleep, Calming (down-regulates cortisol), Stress Reducer, Lung & Respiratory Health, Balances Blood Sugar Levels

Magic Mogu fruiting body reishi mushroom powder certificate of analysis, steam heated extraction, 52% total active compound


Cognitive Decline/Alzheimer's Prevention, Memory, Immunity, Liver Health Cardiovascular Support, Rich In B3/6/9/12, Rich In Vitamin D


Immuno-modulator that supports immune function by stimulating the immune system’s lymphocytes, natural killer cells, monocytes, and T-helper cells* [10,11]

Turkey Tail

Immuno-modulator that stimulates cytokine production, increasing natural killer cells, and enhances release key types of immune cells, like T-cells


Respiratory Health, High In Protein, Rich In Niacin, Lowers Cholesterol, Powerful Antioxidant 


Like everything that grows, functional mushrooms' impact is wholly dependent on how they are raised.  For this reason, we source exclusively from a former colleague of Paul Stamets, and her mushrooms are certifiably the highest quality on the planet in both active medicinal compound strength and nutritional richness.  As a matter of fact, there is no other mushroom producer on the planet that even tests for the nutrient profile of the mushrooms they grow.

Additionally, our mushrooms are:

  • Made only from 100% organic, log-grown, fully developed, fruiting body mushrooms: This is the ultimate natural dietary supplement that can provide your body with energy, vitality, and immune support. With up to 90% solubility in water, you can easily add our mushroom powder extract to your coffee, tea, smoothies, or favorite meal.  
  • Made Using Steam Extraction: Unlike other mushroom supplements made from mycelium and unnatural starches for food, we grow our fruiting bodies on logs to ensure no fillers, no grains, and no additives. As non-extract mushroom products are largely indigestible, we strictly use steam extraction so you can completely and easily assimilate the beneficial compounds of the functional mushrooms. Additionally, we stick steam over water to maintain nutritional integrity.  While other growers go for maximum processing to get maximum potency, our beta-glucan count is already around 30% higher than the second-best.  
  • Measured Beta-glucans: Beta-glucans are the main active beneficial compound in mushrooms that help to support our immune defenses and white blood cells that help correct damage and speed up recovery. Every batch has measured levels of beta-glucans verified by 3rd party laboratories, with >25% of beta-glucans in each serving. 
  • No Foreign Binding Agents: A patented binding technique is employed as they are processed into a powder that uses the mushrooms themselves as the binding agent.  For this reason, apart from a select few in our mushroom family,  no one else in the industry is able to create mushroom powder using 100% pure mushrooms.


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