Our Story


Making it easy to live well.

At Magic Mogu, our purpose is to bridge the gap between medicine and food. We believe the intelligent use of high-potency functional mushrooms are an easy gateway to integrating adaptogenic superfoods into everyday eating habits. From humble beginnings in our founder’s kitchen, and a core desire to heal and elevate human consciousness through naturally health promoting food, Magic Mogu believes that next-stage nutritional excellence is the key to transformational, higher living. It is our aim to make this transition easy.


We chose the name Magic Mogu to represent our brand because ”Mogu” is the Chinese word for mushrooms, and most of the fungi varieties we use in our products are key ingredients of Chinese traditional medicine. The “magic” of mushrooms is not only the psychedelic properties found in a few other varieties of “shrooms,” but rather the transformative psychoactive and adaptogenic power of the many other highly beneficial active compounds abundant in these extraordinary not-quite-plant-not-quite-animal organisms.



Magic Mogu promises to bring high integrity, purpose-driven ethics to every aspect of our products, from the highest quality ingredients grown with clean, sustainable practices, to our alignment with other brands that emphasize overall wellbeing and support the ease, optimization, and evolution of human wellness, and ultimately human consciousness.

We intend to be a recognized player in assisting the global, cultural shift toward elevated, conscious living. We aim to nourish and enrich lives, and help heal humanity. Magic Mogu is committed to meaningful transparency, purpose-driven passion, cutting-edge nutritional accessibility, and ecological responsibility for ethical food sourcing and consumption. We believe that we are naturally able to be the best versions of ourselves when we collectively reach for our highest potential in harmony with ourselves, each other, and our planet.

We have some exciting innovations we’re working on in our next phase of evolution. Stay in touch with us so that you’re among the first to receive news and updates as we reveal them in the coming months.

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