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What do you expect yourself to look and feel like in 40 years?  What is the picture of day to day, moment to moment life you find yourself imagining?


Does it look anything like the lifestyles of those who are currently 40 years older than you? Perhaps with some cooler tech, and a kickass dodeca-camera phone instead of today’s barely acceptable triple?


Well how’s this for a paradigm changing pie: Our PhD friend David Sinclair (listed in Time’s 2014 “100 most influential people in the world”) RE-defines aging in his book as “Simply the loss of information.”


He also explains how to restore this lost (genetic) information, through the increased activation of longevity maintenance/repair genes called sirtuins, mTOR, and AMPK.  

What’s most mind-blowing to me is how easy this is.  I am always looking to make good things easier.  That’s why I made the Mogu Bar.


It’s about putting your system in what will be interpreted as “environmental extremes”.  Makes sense right? Extreme environments = adaptation response.  Here’s how to massage your cells into continuously adapting to life:


  • Intermittent fasting – I find eating only between 10am and 6pm to be the easiest, and 2pm-4pm the most fun 🙂.
  • A low protein diet – partially this is why the first Mogu bar isn’t high protein.  If you’re building muscle though don’t worry, this isn’t a big one.


  • Hot/Cold exposure – A good reason to try cold showers (try for daily), and a great excuse to get to a sauna! (at least every two weeks)
  • Certain types of exercise – 15m of cardio BEFORE breakfast is the best, and if you can sprint for 5m nonstop that’s all you need for the day.  I’ll go deeper into why in a future post.

To conclude, a quote from the NYT bestseller we’re learning from:


“In studies – activating (just) sirtuins in mice can improve DNA repair, boost memory, increase endurance, and help the mice stay thin, regardless of what they eat.”



Now imagine if they were eating 8 functional mushrooms every day? Ha!


People are reversing their biological age RIGHT NOW by up to 30 years.  This is real, it’s accessible, it’s getting easier and easier.


In the next post I’ll go into lifestyle changes that deal more with perspective and identity that have been shown to have similarly impactful effects and the biological mechanics that explain why.


To your ease, health, and evolution!

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