Mushroom Elixirs

Introducing the Mushroom Elixir – with the absolute highest potential & potency of Mother Nature’s most powerful superfoods you can drink, complete with full servings of our fruiting body mushroom blend.  You’ll know the moment that the blend hits your brain and body.  Lasting energy without the crash cost. No caffeine. Zero sugar. Use it to enhance or replace your coffee.
We’re perfecting our beta version into three different blends, designed to deliver the incredible benefits of functional mushrooms in a delightful and convenient medium that will wake you up, enliven your senses, & power your body & mind naturally.

Replace Enhance Balance your coffee

Praise from some of our Beta Testers

"Been taking this for almost two weeks now and loving it!"
Alden S.
Beta Tester
"The Elixir is delicious! I mixed it with my normal morning routine mix. I have had so much clear and focused energy all day, it wasn't until about 6 hours later that I realized I only had used a half serving."
Sima G.
Beta Tester
"I f**king love the elixir and am getting in a habit of taking it everyday... I notice a huge DIFFERENCE."
Austin H.
Beta Tester

Be part of the launch!

We started Magic Mogu to make wellness easy by bringing together the natural and the modern worlds. We’re passionately committed to making it easy and efficient to get the absolute best adaptogenic and nootropic mushroom nutrition anywhere. Taking it beyond just pills and powders, Magic Mogu is making mushroom nutrition taste good!